Queens’ College, University of Cambridge

Hi, I am Huang, Fei-Yang, a PhD student in “Neuroeconomics and Decision Neurophysiology” at the University of Cambridge. Since childhood, I have long been bothered by my indecisiveness. More often than not, I stared for hours at colourful snacks and beverages in the convenience store, abandoned by my primary school companions, but was still stuck in hesitation. I thought the problem would be gradually resolved with age, and I did know how to make quick orders years after. However, I have been facing even more difficult choices: I struggled to choose what college I would like to go, which courses I should take, how I should make the best use of my vacation, whether I should ask the girl I admire on a date, whether to stick to my career as a clinical practitioner like many of my peers do, and –– the most recent one -– whether I should choose Cambridge or Oxford for my PhD studies.

My only relief is that–– I am not alone. Life is all about choices, and it is thus not surprising that human decision-making has always been the centre of study for many subjects. Among those disciplines, economics, which studies how people make decisions with limited resources, stands out to provide a theoretical framework to analyse complex human decision behaviour. Recently, the emerging field, neuroeconomics, further integrates microeconomic theories, behavioural economics, decision psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computer simulation, etc. to provide unprecedented insights into the underlying neural mechanisms of human decision making.

Through this website, I would like to share my insights and exciting news that are broadly related to my research and possible applications from clinical therapeutic strategies to our everyday life.