Neurophysiology of reward and economic decision-making

My research focuses on neuroeconomics and decision neurophysiology in non-human primates. We associate neural signals with decision behaviour to elucidate how decisions are made in various context-dependent environment. We design behavioural tasks based on microeconomic theories, behavioural economics and game theory to infer idiosyncratic behavioural parameters, and perform real time single neuron recording in targeted decision making neural substrates, including orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), amygdala, striatum, etc. By carefully analysing these neural signals with computational simulations and machine learning classifiers, we could validate economic and psychological decision theories and their predictions on individual behaviour, thereby revealing the dynamics and regulatory mechanisms of decision making neural network in non-human primates. Through our research work, we hope to pinpoint potential therapeutic targets for neural stimulation to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders that exemplify pathological decision behaviours.

Keywords:  neuroeconomics, decision neurophysiology, single unit recording